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From business admin to lifestyle management, our loyal team will stick with you, and help you run your office and be prepared for every meeting and every possibility.


We provide a comprehensive online business support service. Contact us to book an initial consultation, and find out how Ask Tina can help you with virtual business support

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Your online company secretary

We provide a range of services, from record keeping right up to full online business support. A company secretariat manages, administers, and provides high-quality support to the Board of Directors.

This work includes making arrangements for board meetings and plans of agenda items, as well as liaising with the Chair. We will prepare agendas, circulate supporting reports, and prepare and issue accurate minutes regarding meetings.

Likewise we will log and track all decisions and make sure all reports are stored securely.

In the digital age, a company secretary is more important than ever.

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Our secretarial services include:



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Meeting Transcription

At your request, we will ensure your meetings are recorded accurately and faithfully, so that major decisions are tracked and company accountability is upheld.

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Document Production

We will produce letters, guidance, policy wording, handbooks, and minutes of meetings, so that every aspect of company business is recorded and organised.




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Document Maintenance
and Auditing

We can maintain and organise documentation, meeting records, and contractual agreements, as well as making sure all processes are up to date.

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Administrative Support


We can support your business with completing and submitting various statutory forms, and ensure your paperwork is always current.







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Construction Administration Specialists

We have exceptional experience in the construction sector, and provide invaluable support as an online business support for contractors. Our services include:

  • Assembling bid packages
  • Maintaining work logs
  • Assistance with estimates and schedules
  • Enforcing regulation compliance
  • Day-to-day office operations
  • Streamlining systems and processes
  • Communicate with vendors and contractors
  • Human resources and personnel management




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Tina is a pleasure to work with. She is very efficient and professional, always going the extra mile for me. She is well organised, confident and calm under pressure. I can highly recommend her, 5 stars

Helen Tinnelly, Propelelo LTD