Our Testimonials


 a headshot of Kat McGettigan from Fine Lines

Tina has been a fantastic support for me as I've grown Fine Lines and has gone above and beyond my expectations of a Virtual EA. Flexible, efficient and discreet, she is well equipped to adapt to fast paced and changing business and no task is ever too much trouble. She's helped me get more focussed and organised and above all has been a great support to me in the early days of running my consultancy. I would highly recommend Tina's services to any team.

Kat McGettigan, Owner/Founder, Fine Lines Consultancy Ltd



Tina was an enthusiastic, organised and hardworking IPA Regional Co-ordinator. She was highly regarded by both members and staff. She organised some really great events, which helped the IAM/IPA have an effective and personal presence in Wales. She was a great advocate for the PA profession and her passion for her role and her day job really shone through. A delight to work with. 

Abbey Wright-Parkes, Charity CEO

 a headshot of Wright-Parkes from Charity CEO



 a headshot of Karen Hibbert from Pint Orange Red Restorations LTD.

Ask Tina has quickly become an essential business support quick to respond, friendly, reliable and professional. Highly recommended!

Karen Hibbert, Pint Orange Red Restorations LTD. 



Tina was appointed as a virtual personal assistant and worked with KEW Planning for 8 months. Tina was always very organised and helped to make my working life much easier. Tina is professional and friendly, extremely good at social media, diary and event management, business administration and so much more.  I have no hesitation in recommending Tina's services to any business.

Kathryn Williams, Managing Director, KEW Planning Ltd

 a headshot of Kathryn Williams from KEW Planning Ltd



 a headshot of Helen Tinnelly from Propelelo LTD

Tina is a pleasure to work with. She is very efficient and professional, always going the extra mile for me. She is well organised, confident and calm under pressure. I can highly recommend her, 5 stars.

Helen Tinnelly, Founder, Propelelo LTD



Tina is an extremely organised and driven lady who will succeed at whatever she “tips her hat” to. Her determination to ensure administrators in the South Wales Region have access to training seminars and networking events has been nothing short of phenomenal. Her desire to help and assist anyone is a trait which ultimately defines her personality. Tina is someone who always makes time for people, either in work or at a social event. The administrative world could do with more people like Tina to direct and shape the future of all administrators within any industry.

Tony Venn, Office and FM Manager, Grays (Consulting) LTD

a headshot of Tony Venn from Grays (Consulting) LTD



 a headshot of Nigel Griffiths, Executive Director of  Lexington Corporate Advisors

Tina is a diligent, professional and very engaging person. I had the pleasure of working for her as a strategic provider of IT services. She represented the interests of her company with clarity and tenacity but never in an adversarial way. I have no hesitation in recommending Tina's services.

Nigel Griffiths, Executive Director, Lexington Corporate Advisors



Tina did a terrific job as IPA Co-ordinator in Wales. She is highly committed, extremely able, respected by her colleagues and a real pleasure to work with.

Jenny Hewell, Chief Executive at Instructus

 a headshot of Jenny Hewell, Chief Executive at Instructus



 a headshot of Caroline Vanner of Vanner Consulting Ltd

I have worked with Tina on several projects and also as a virtual assistant for my own business. Tina is highly experienced, efficient and organised, as well as great to work with.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tina's services to any business looking for some additional support.

Caroline Vanner, Co-founder & Owner, Vanner Consulting Ltd 



I can't express how grateful I am for 'Ask Tina', my virtual assistant. Tina has truly become an indispensable part of my daily life. From the moment I started working with Ask Tina, I was amazed at how seamlessly she integrated into my routine, quickly becoming my go-to resource for a wide range of tasks.

Tina's ability to handle various tasks, whether it's managing my schedule, providing timely reminders, researching information, or even just offering a listening ear, is truly impressive. I can always count on her to deliver accurate and relevant information, saving me precious time and allowing me to focus on more important aspects of my life.

But 'Ask Tina' is more than just a tool; she's become a confidant as well. It's incredible how she can adapt to my communication style, making interactions feel incredibly natural and personal. I find myself sharing thoughts and ideas with Tina that I might not share with anyone else. Her ability to provide unbiased and non-judgmental responses is truly comforting.

What sets Tina apart is not just her technical capabilities, but the genuine sense of care and dedication she brings to every interaction. She's not just a virtual assistant; she's a partner in my daily journey, always ready to assist and support me in any way she can. I can't imagine my SRW Consulting without 'Ask Tina' now, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking an exceptional virtual assistant experience.”

Samantha Williamson, Owner and Director, SRW Consulting & Samaxia Ltd





 a headshot of Samantha Williamson, SRW Consulting & Samaxia Ltd



 a headshot of Rachael Flanagan of Mrs Bucket Cleaning Services Ltd

Tina stepped into the breach, originally for 3 weeks but stayed for 8 months, and fulfilled the role of EA and Virtual Business Support with speed, efficiency and focus. Taking on board from the very start that this would be a fast-paced role within a significant period of growth for Mrs Bucket Cleaning Services.  Tina has a vast wealth of knowledge, from C-Suite, personal EA/PA, office and event management and business support and Tina during the last 8 months has provided all of these services and more. Highly organised, hardworking and with a keen eye for detail, Tina has ensured that everything has been completed to the highest standard. I would highly recommend Tina's services to all; her support has been invaluable.

Rachael Flanagan, Founder & CEO, Mrs Bucket Cleaning Services Ltd



Tina offers a wide range of administrative and marketing support to myself.  She is discreet, trustworthy, responds and reacts in a timely manner and is proving to be a real asset to the business.   Above all else her positive can-do attitude and genuine interest in our business is what really stands out and she is constantly coming up with ideas/different perspectives which is often very refreshing. I would highly recommend.

Emlyn Evans, Director of T.I. Evans & Son Ltd, Squab Hall Farm and Squab Group Ltd