Lifestyle Management


Helping manage your work-life balance

From event planning to booking restaurants and personal appointments, our team can help you keep your personal life organised. For Directors, upper level Managers, and Executives, oftentimes their business lives take over, and this leaves very little time for personal lives and organising events.

With the help of a Personal Assistant, you can make your personal life organised and save vital time to spend with your friends and family. From booking flights and hotels to arranging restaurant dates, personal appointments, and day-to-day paperwork, our Personal Assistants and organisers are here to help. 

a businesswoman using a calculator while reading a paper


Our Lifestyle Management Services Include


 Diary and calendar management

 Scheduling meetings and appointments

 Email management and detox



 Hotel reservations and bookings

 Travel and flight research

 Update of personal social media accounts



 Personal shopping and gift sourcing

 Letters, cards and correspondence


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