In general, there are little tips one can use to be able to save on energy bills.

If you run an office, the same tips that can apply at home can apply for your office.

To save on energy bills, you don't necessarily need to change energy suppliers or subscribe to a cheaper offer. Sometimes the little handy tricks can be enough. Then again it depends on the size of your office.

Obviously for companies the size of the office, or even offices when there are several locations, can make the energy consumption vary. The bigger the office to heat and light the more energy it will require.

And energy bills are one of the most costly bills for companies, as it is a huge part of their yearly budget. So sometimes simple tricks that could apply at home are not going to be enough to help save companies money on their energy bills. Whether on a tight budget or not, it remains crucial for a company to pay attention to their energy consumption and the offer they subscribe to.

What are the simple daily ways to save on energy?

If you don't want to re-evaluate your offer and the bills of the energy supplier your company subscribe to, you can try the daily tricks and see if they work.

There is a list of simple things to get used to do to save on energy which can be applied in small spaces (like an apartment or a home) or a bigger location like an entire office.

Here are some of the things you could do:


  • use less hot water
  • use cold water when possible
  • make sure the lights are switched off when employees go home
  • makes sure the lights are switched off when employees leave a room if they are not planning on going back (like the last one leaving at the cafeteria)
  • make sure heaters are switched off at the end of the day
  • lower the heaters temperature if the outside weather conditions allow it (during Spring or Summer)
  • invest in thermic isolation to have rooms less exposed to the cold that wouldn't need as much heat to feel warm
  • acquire some knowledge about heating systems that can create energy from natural sources such as solar or wind sources

Are there other ways to save on energy bills?

Whether your company is on a tight budget or not, it can still be clever to re-evaluate your bills when it comes to energy consumptions.

More often than not, consumers (individuals or companies) are paying more than they should and more than they could. According to Switch Plan, people often subscribe to an offer that either isn't right for them right away or their habits change which makes the offer unfit after some time.

Without switching supplier, you can decide to switch the way your company pays for energy. For instance, instead of paying the bills as they come, you can use a pre-payment method where your company decides on an amount to pay beforehand.

That way you will know exactly which amount you pay before having to pay it and you will benefit from the energy the amount you pay allows you to have.

This is a way to save energy and consume less. People use this method to save money but also to save energy, as they are aware they probably consume more than they should and we can always get used to consuming less.

Switching energy suppliers

Switch Plan recommends re-evaluating your consumption and can help you. It is useful to get the help of professionals to analyse it and get the recommendation you need.

The same experts who helped analyse bills are also equipped to also accompany you in the switch of suppliers if it is what you choose. They guide you by comparing your offer to the other offers in the market and comparing suppliers as well.

Switching suppliers is a big decision but it doesn't need to add stress. This is why the professionals in the industry are there to help you and guide you.

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